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TicketCity Vs StubHub – Which is the Best Ticket Resale Site?

When looking for tickets for an event like a concert or sporting event, you can purchase them through a myriad of ticket resales and resale websites. TicketCity, StubHub, Vivid Seats, and eBay are only a few of the top options. However, how do you select the most effective site? Read on to learn the details of selling tickets. You’ll be on your way to buying the next concert once you are aware of where to get it.


TicketCity might be the best ticket resale website if you are searching for tickets to any sporting event or concert. There are many reasons to use TicketCity with its many years of existence. The site has been operational since the year 1990, which means it’s an excellent option for college and professional sports fans. But there are a few downsides, too.

It is a great site , but it has a few limitations. It lacks a 3D viewing feature. Even though TicketCity has its own app however, it’s much easier to use than the web site. TicketCity offers a money-back guarantee in the event that you aren’t happy with your purchase. TicketCity offers a number of options for contact, such as an email form and a telephone line that’s open between Monday and Friday in case you’re unhappy with your purchase. The company was founded by Randy Cohen, a college student in Austin, Texas.

TicketCity has been operating since 1990 and has always maintained high ratings on the secondary market. TicketCity offers a wide selection of tickets at reasonable prices as well as a coordinated service that is superior to other companies. TicketCity has been in operation for a long period of time and is known as a user-friendly site for both sellers and buyers. In addition, is seatgeek a trusted site the site offers a mobile application to iPhone users as well as a physical ticket option.

TicketCity’s user-friendly interface makes it an extremely popular choice for ticket resales websites. While many websites offer similar services, it is better to choose a platform that has a low commission and assures genuine ticket sales. A reputable ticket resales site is also a welcoming community that can help you to increase sales.

Razorgator Tickets can also be utilized as a ticket resales website. It is primarily focused on sporting events and concerts and claims to sell tickets for sale at a cheaper price. Razorgator allows users to search for events close to their location. This means that Razorgator an ideal option for sellers and buyers. TicketCity isn’t the only website that offers reliable prices. Razorgator also has a money back policy for buyers who don’t want to put their money with the chance of losing.


When it comes to sites that sell tickets for resales, StubHub is one of the most well-known options. This site is secure and user-friendly, but there are some restrictions. For example, StubHub will often take seven business days for adding an event to its database. In this period, you won’t be able to sell tickets until at minimum seven days prior to the date when the event starts. That’s frustrating.

StubHub has a broad selection of tickets and is well-known for its brand recognition. This makes it one of the top websites for reselling tickets to certain events. One of the most well-known events on StubHub are MLB games and professional football games. Other popular events include pop-culture concerts, sporting events and much more. The website even offers social media integrations that connect people from all over the world.

Skiddle is another well-known ticket resale website. Skiddle lets you turn your Facebook page a ticket resale website by leveraging the social media platforms you use. Skiddle has many features including personal branding, RSVP integration and 3D fraud detection. It also lets users sell tickets in physical form as well as online tickets. Unlike StubHub, eBay also does not charge fees to list tickets. In addition, users are able to set auctions or exchange tickets in exchange for other items.

Although there are numerous negative reviews about StubHub It’s actually a legitimate ticket resale service that gives guarantee of authenticity and validity. Furthermore, StubHub has a large choice of tickets and a fantastic guarantee for your purchase. Many negative reviews point out the fluctuating prices for tickets and various delivery methods. It’s important to keep this in the context of reading reviews from various sources. Contact customer service to get answers if you are unsure whether StubHub is the right fit for you.

Although StubHub may not have the biggest choice of tickets, the inventory it offers is large and costs are typically very low. Moreover, it allows ticket sellers to sell tickets when the seller is not happy. This might sound bad to some customers, but it’s in fact a good thing. The sellers of tickets must be alert and watch out for scammers. They must also keep the reputation of the tickets they sell to make sure that they get the best buyer.

Vivid Seats

There are many legitimate sites for ticket resales but some of them provide better customer service than others. Vivid Seats is one of the companies mentioned above. Their service fees cover expenses such as maintaining the platform, commissions paid to third-party companies, and customer service. You can also anticipate that they will not reply to your emails when you have a question or issue with your transaction.

They also have mobile apps. The mobile application makes it simple to purchase tickets while on the move. Mobile transfers are available at SeatGeek, Vivid Seats and StubHub. Certain sites provide tickets two days before the event. There are a variety of methods to choose from, so be sure to check all the information. It is generally expected that you be able to get your tickets as fast as it is possible. Transfer methods for tickets vary for each website, but it is possible to choose the best solution.

Vivid Seats is a fantastic platform to sell tickets. The website has a 100% buyer’s guarantee, and it rigorously examines all ticket sellers. As long as the tickets are genuine you’ll be able to rest assured that they’ll arrive in good order. If you purchase tickets via Vivid Tickets, you’ll be accountable for handling and shipping charges.

Vivid Seats is the fastest-growing ticket resale site. It offers thousands of listings across a wide range of genres, a buyer guarantee, and customer support that can be contactable via chat or phone. Since its inception in 2001, Vivid Seats has processed more than $1 billion of ticket transactions. It also assists customers in finding discounted tickets for events, such as concerts, sports, and professional horse races.


When determining the best ticket resale website it is essential to keep in mind some things. Since the sellers on eBay tend to be individuals, you’ll most likely discover that they don’t provide electronic tickets. For those who don’t have a desire in shipping via post or by air, paper tickets may be the only choice. It might be worthwhile looking for an alternative platform when you have the cash and time.

StubHub Another excellent ticket resale website is StubHub. This site has been around for more than a decade and is renowned as the world’s most popular ticket exchange site. It is home to its own stadium called the StubHub Center, which is named after it. This venue was formerly named the Home Depot Center, but changed its name to StubHub Center in 2013.

Ticketfly: In contrast to eBay ticketsfly permits you to begin reselling tickets without having to create an account. You’ll be able to easily find a buyer using an extensive network of contacts. You’ll have more control over the terms and cost of the sale. You can additionally condition your release on payment. You should note that some ticket resales websites do not offer mediation services in the case of an issue.

Be aware of local laws and regulations before deciding on the ticket resale portal that is best for you. There are strict regulations regarding what kind of tickets are allowed to be sold on auction sites that sell tickets to concerts or sporting events. In some instances you’ll have the option to find a buyer via your circle of contacts or through an event forum. You may also offer your tickets via social media.

eBay sells a range of tickets including concert tickets and sporting events. One of the best things about eBay is that you don’t have to make a bid on tickets. In contrast to other auction websites, eBay allows you to sell tickets for the fixed price. Additionally, you can sell tickets for sporting events through fixed-price auctions. eBay is also a good alternative for tickets that are heavily discounted. While the site offers many options, the most popular option is its ability to sell tickets in the United States.